Quality Assurance

At Endosa, our primary aim is to manufacture with zero defects. Accordingly, we always receive great supportthe current customer that we work with and certify our ongoing quality control system based on a solid foundation that we sustainthe day of our foundation. 


Endosa continues to develop and grow carefully to be an expert company in mould production and aluminum casting to manufacture the best quality products and meet the customer demands and applicable regulations at all times. 


We prepare Operation Control Cards, Control Plans and SOP Approval Forms for all the products manufactured in our company. The critical product features are considered for regular checks with determined control frequency by specific measuring devices. 


Endosa encourages teamwork for improving quality and awareness and customer spesific requirements (CSR). Customer-focused product and service quality continuously increases and simultaneously our manufacturing capacity is also increased to address more customers by ensuring customer satisfaction. We gradually update and develop our manufacturing processes with IATF 16949 quality management system and always hard to provide a high-level quality system.

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